Purse Accessories That Keep A Girl On The Go Calm Collected

As I started going through my purse today, I tried to figure out what I absolutely needed to keep in there and what I could live without. It was no easy task. Most girls love their purse accessories. We never want to be at a party or family get together without the little accessories that are quite handy. These items include accessories such as a pocket mirror, lipstick, flashlight, swiss knife, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, gum, a petite sewing kit, and the list goes on and on.

So what CAN’T you live without when it comes to purse accessories? The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of fun purse accessories that come in handy when you least expect it. They also make great Christmas gifts for your girlfriends. Or husbands…have you thought about small accessories for your wife?

A pocket mirror is a great purse accessory to have. You can pull it out of your purse during a holiday get together, especially if the bathroom is occupied. If you are heading into a meeting at work and need a quick glance at your appearance, a pocket mirror is also ideal. The Anuschka Pocket Mirror is one such pocket mirror that you can consider as a Christmas gift or even as a gift to yourself! The beautiful design will delight and inspire your friends and make you smile as you pull it out of your purse.

Have peace of mind and keep safe with a mini flashlight packed safely inside your purse. A mini flashlight is useful when and if an emergency should arise or if the electricity goes out unexpectedly.

Most every woman knows where her purse is when she’s in a building. Reach inside your purse for easy access to a flashlight when the lights are out or you need to find something under a desk or in a dark location. Invest in a 200 Hour Glow Mini Flashlight.

Chapstick is a nice break from lipgloss and lipstick. It also comes in so many different flavors! Chapstick instantly moisturizes your lips when you are out shopping, enjoying nature, or even when you are at work! I love keeping chapstick in my purse, especially when I’m in Utah where the climate is very dry. I constantly have to apply chapstick to keep my lips moist during the cold winter months!

Buy a Classic Strawberry 3 Pack to save dry and chapped lips. If you want to save some money check out Drugstore.com coupons on JoeShopping before you buy some new chapstick!

Like keeping your nails looking nice?

Put a nail file in your purse or clutch and reach for it when a nail with rough edges is bugging you. You can get rid of those annoying edges in no time at all!

Or better yet, find a special nail file that has a buff and shine technique. You’ll have shiny nails that you can buff during the day when you feel like they are looking a little dull! A Tweezerman SPA Nail Buffer and File will keep your nails shiny and you won’t have to worry about heading to the spa.

For a dollar you can invest in a mini hand sanitizer and pull it out after going out to dinner or even before you eat! If a sick person happens to be sneezing up a storm near you, whip out your hand sanitizer and put it on your hands often in case you should accidentally touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Keep the germs away and keep the hand sanitizer near by!

e.l.f. has a small e.l.f. Bath and Body Small Hand Sanitizer that you can buy for $1. Put it in your purse and pull it out when you need it the most!

Fashion requires a lot more than just looking nice. It means staying organized and keeping the small items that come in handy in your purse. When you’re going out at night or grabbing lunch with a friend, you might need the pocket mirror or hand sanitizer before you eat. Stock up on some cute and practical accessories during the holiday season. They also are very useful when you are traveling to see loved ones and family members!