Be Creative For Fathers Day With Handmade Gifts And Outdoor Activities

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and even though I won’t be with my dad this Father’s Day, I’ll be thinking of him. For Father’s Day we usually like to do an activity that’s fun, like go out to dinner or hang out at our house and watch a TV show or movie. Father’s day is usually low key and it’s fun that way. We also like to exchange presents and just spend time with one another (brother and mom included).

Just like any holiday, Father’s Day can get expensive. Dinner adds up and by the time you’ve bought your dad a gift and taken the entire family out for dinner, you’ve maybe spent $100 or so. I’ve been thinking of ways that Father’s Day can still be interactive, but without spending a lot of money. After all, I guarantee that your dad doesn’t care that much about how much money you spend, but all he really wants is to spend quality time with you. Here are some ideas on how to keep it real with your dad by letting him know how much you appreciate him while still saving some money in the process.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts for your dad are a great way to save money on Father’s day and many of these gifts can vary. It can be as simple as writing him a poem (if you like to write), telling him about how much you care. Or – the poem can be silly, which will make him laugh or even cry! Try putting the poem inside of a bottle so that he can reach inside of the bottle and retrieve it. It’s a simple yet fun way to get the message across that you’re grateful for your dad!

If you’d like to include something creative with your message in a bottle, go to a grocery store and buy his favorite snacks. They may be nuts, or they may even be gummy bears! Either way, you can package them on your own with a jar that you have lying around at home or make his favorite hot sauce with a recipe. Put the made at home hot sauce in an old hot sauce bottle you have or empty out the leftover hot sauce in a current bottle if it is almost gone. He’ll love the food and even more, he’ll love the personal touch!

Another handmade gift? If you have a favorite picture, you can find an inexpensive frame to frame the picture. My dad loves having pictures in his office and having an updated picture in a nice frame is a great gift that any dad will love to receive on Father’s Day. If you have an idea of what his office style is, find him a black frame or wood frame depending on what the main office colors are.

Need more ideas? A handmade apron is creative and fun for children to create for their dad! All you need is a cotton apron in your dad’s size of course, fabric markers or paint, and paint brushes! It will be fun to create an apron that dad can wear while he barbecues with you, celebrating his fantastic day.

Get Active Outdoors!

Since Father’s Day lands on a Saturday this year, it’s time to head outdoors and be active! Take your dad to a soccer field and kick around the soccer ball. It will be fun! Or – grab a Frisbee and go to the park. There are many sports and activities that will make interacting with your dad even more fun and memorable on Father’s Day.

What about playing a game of tennis or playing a round of golf with him? Playing golf is a fun way to interact with your dad, and if you are a mom who has younger kids, why not have them play miniature golf with their dad? Either activity will be enjoyable and you could also make a fun handmade gift full of golf tees, for example, to go along with the activity you choose.

Another idea is to set up a picnic outside in your backyard for your dad. This doesn’t require a lot of money, it simply requires creativity. Have fun gathering up his favorite blanket, comfy pillows, and maybe even a radio that will play your dad’s favorite tunes. Then make him a delicious meal and serve him outdoors. He’ll love the creative touch!

Whatever you end up doing for your dad on Father’s Day, make it creative and he will love whatever you come up for him. Remember to enjoy this special day with your dad because it only comes once a year! Tell your dad how much you appreciate him in a creative way and he’ll love your thoughtfulness.

What are you doing for dad on Father’s Day?