A Ruffly Romantic Valentines Day Outfit For Around 100

With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s time to think about what outfit you are going to wear. I’m away from my love this Valentine’s Day so my outfit is going to consist of a pair of jeans and a nice top! I’m not sure what I’m going to do on that day either. All I know is, if you have a date planned or you’re just going out with the girls, it’s fun to dress up and look gorgeous.

Instead of paying $150 or more for just a dress, I decided to help you out and find an affordable and cute dress, shoes and necklace ensemble, all for about $100! Since the colors pink and red and a ruffle pattern definitely fit into a Valentine’s Day theme, I searched for complementary apparel. I hope you like what I came up with.

A quick aside: I like to think of this Heart Day as not only a day to give some extra love to a spouce, boyfriend or girlfriend, but as a day to spread the love in general. I usually like to send my girlfriends a little something in the mail just so that they know that they are loved.

Asymmetrica Shoulder Floral Ruffled Dress – $30

I came across a great brand name called YesStyle and they make gorgeous dresses that come all the way from Taiwan! For $30 you can wear a sweet and simple dress on Valentine’s Day. This dress is made out of polyester, can be machine washed, and is in a perfect shade of pink. I would wear this dress on Valentine’s Day in a heartbeat.

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Sterling Silver Amethyst and Diamond Accent Heart Key Pendant – $30

Macy’s has some incredible deals right now and one great piece of jewelry you can pick up is this lovely heart key pendant. I love that this is not your traditional heart necklace, it goes with the theme “key to my heart” and has a perfectly pink diamond in the center. I would wear this for Valentine’s Day and beyond! It’s so beautiful and lovely and would work with so many more outfits.

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Madden Girl Toriie Heels Platform Wedge Shoes – $44

To finish off this lovely outfit I think a pair of pink colored pumps will complement the outfit just right. They will definitely highlight the lovely pinks in the outfit and also will look beautiful on your feet!

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The Grand Total? $104

I was really hoping to make our outfit for under $100, but when I saw the Madden Girl shoes I just couldn’t resist. They go with the outfit perfectly and if you’re not afraid of pink, this outfit is definitely for you. Even if you’re a little scared of pink, take a chance!

So what do you think? Are you ready to enjoy your Valentine’s Day? I hope you have a great Heart Day full of joy and love. Even if you currently don’t have a significant other, it’s still fun to go out and celebrate!