Play And Be Playful In A Relaxing Romper

Lately I’ve really been into rompers. Even though I’m considered short, well, at least by my standards (I’m 5’5″), I still love to wear a comfy romper. It doesn’t matter where I wear my romper – whether it’s at the beach, lounging around at home, or lounging on an outside chair like this lovely model is doing in the picture to the left, a romper is a versatile piece of clothing that you definitely should own.

Rompers feel comfy because they usually are made out of cotton or terry cloth, both which are very soft and relaxing materials. But the good news is that a romper also can be dressed up with a pair of pumps for some added height and style. So don’t be afraid to hit the town while wearing a romper and sporting a new pair of sparkly pumps. Rompers are great for either dressing up or dressing down – let your mood fuel and create a fun outfit!

Here are some rompers that have caught my eye:

BCBGeneration Jumper – $60

If you’re familiar with rompers and own a few that only have a certain style and pattern, perhaps it’s time to switch it up and get some basic rompers too. For starters, why not try out another romper, this time from BCBG?

Black is a color that’s naturally very slimming and with a classy black romper like this, I think it would be a great addition to your wardrobe for the summer. This particular romper is backless, which adds some style to the black romper. Plus it’s BCBG – who can go wrong with a quality brand name like this?!

Xhilaration Juniors Ruffle Romper – $18

If your young teenager is looking for a romper, Target has a lot to choose from. With fun patterns in style right now, like chevron and more, you’ll have no problem finding a romper she will love too! Or – you never know, even women can fit into Junior’s sizes sometimes too. Just up the size one or two sizes and it should work out just fine.

Billabong Rompin Around Romper – $17

If you love turquoise as much as I do this is a great “beginners” romper if you’ve never worn one before and are looking for one that’s affordable but is still made from a quality brand name like Billabong. Billabong is definitely known for their beachy attire and this romper is no exception.

Most rompers are very stretchy and comfy and have great features, like an elastic waistband which helps create plenty of breathing room. This Billabong romper also has a stretchy waist, which is a great feature on an outfit to have while you’re out and about and grabbing a few snacks to eat. I have to admit the elastic waistband is one of my favorite features on rompers. Breathing room is much needed if you’re headed to the beach or are out with the girls and want to have a yummy dinner. Don’t be concerned about the stretchy waist, however, because a romper will still make you look slim with its great design.

Obey Light Forest Romper – $20

Another lightweight and airy romper, this breezy cotton romper by Obey is playful to wear during the summer time as well! Playful warm weather wear is exactly what you need when the months warm up. Go out and play some games and have some fun!

So are you ready to find a romper for the warm months? This is besides the point, but a romper is also known as a jumper! Whether you wear a romper or jumper (basically the same thing), they are super comfy and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this trend.

Even if you’re laying out at the pool or reading a good book, a romper is perfect to wear during many occasions. In addition – wear a romper as a swimsuit cover up or to relax in at home! Versatile rompers are cute, comfy, and super relaxing. Trust me, I know. I own two and the third one is on its way in the mail.